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Gluten and preservative free herb and spice blends

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Eleven different blends of pure flavour. Savoury or Spicy.
* Salt Free * Sugar Free  * Gluten Free
* No additives, preservatives or fillers

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Choose any of our three solar harvested New Zealand sea salts. We offer COARSE salt (for your grinders), FINE salt  (for cooking, bread making or your spa bath) or FINE/IODIZED with kelp from the Kaikoura.

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Keep a packet of our minced onion in you pantry and never be without an onion again.  Use anywhere you need an onion. 

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December Report
Bring Out the Best

      Trusting the summer is about to start and with it the holiday festivities will arrive. This colourful and tasty Cheese Log is easy to carry to a party and the good news is that you won't have any to carry home. Serve it with taco chips, plain-ish crackers or even celery or carrot sticks (watch that salt). We've used our Bittersweet Mexican Blend here and it is the best.  But use this blend for your summer Fresh Tomato Salsas, Guacamole and spicy BBQ baked beans. Now doesn't that make your summer entertaining easy!
TIP: Store all your ground spices in your refrigerator - especially curry blends, chilli powders, paprika and turmeric.

We recommend using Tatua sour cream as it won't curdle or separate when cooked.  Look for it (or ask for it if they don't carry the sour cream) in New World Supermarkets.
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Open Your Eyes to New Ways of Seasoning


Our very special line of 11 different herb and spice blends can be used by any kind of cook in any kind of kitchen. Beginner cooks can make something simple, flavourful and full of compliments thereby creating a feeling of confidence in the kitchen.

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December Tip...

   Are You Nuts: Nuts are a big part of holiday entertaining. Here are a few tips:

* Toasting nuts before using in recipes intensifies flavour and adds crunch and they aren't as likely to sink in cakes, breads and other batter based foods.
* Toast nuts or seeds in an ungreased skillet over medium heat, stirring frequently, until golden brown. 
* Nuts are easier to chop when they're warm.
* Store shelled nuts in an airtight container in a cool place. They can be refrigerated for 4 months or frozen for up to 8 months. Unshelled nuts will store twice as long.
   Want Garlic Salt, but don't use it very often?  Then make just what you need by adding our Bittersweet Zesty Garlic Blend to our Solar Harvested Sea Salt. And make it to your personal taste as you might not want as much salt as garlic flavour.  This way you have our salt free blend to use any time.

   Peppercorns: As you fill your grinder add 1 to 2 teaspoons Bittersweet Zesty Garlic, Italian, Tarragon, or Savoury or Cajun. Shake to mix and grind with pleasure.

CRAFT WORLD - Auckland

We are available seven days a week at Craft World in Massey, Auckland. It is now open on Maki Street in the new Northwest Shopping Centre, Massey. The new store is coming along well.  It is light and bright and full of amazing New Zealand products.   We are located across from the checkout.
Call (09) 831 0277 for their hours of operation.

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Health Benefits

Our herbs are salt, sugar,
preservative and gluten free,
meaning that no matter what your
dietry requirements are, you can
guarentee a healthy meal with us.

Fresh Blends

You’ll love the scent of our blends,
and this is achieved by making sure
we only pack the freshest dried ingredients.

More Economical

Every ingredient adds flavour so you can use less to get the same result. There are no fillers or additives to deceive so your one tablespoon does a lot of work.

The versitility, freshness and strength of your blends is amazing.  They have to be the best on the market! Thanks.

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Phone: 09 480 2977
Mobile: 021 827 383
Email: orders@herbsonline.co.nz
Address: ​ South Sea Enterprises
                 2010 Ltd.
                 P.O.Box 34 822
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