About Us

About Us

     Can a Quantity Surveyor (Ross Sale) and a PA (Mary-Lee Sale) find happiness creating and running a business centred in the food industry? Yes, they can if they truly like and believe in the product they created. We do like and we do believe. For example this is the mantra we repeat daily:

 “I believe in the 14 different Bittersweet Herb and Spice Blends. I believe in their quality, their economy, their ease of use and in their ability to spread joy throughout New Zealand’s kitchens at mealtimes.”

Sometimes we say this twice a day.

     When and how did all this happiness begin? It began about 1993 with our Mexican Blend and grew from there. We were living in the United States at the time, but anticipating our move back home to NZ. On our travels to NZ in 1993 we thought we saw an approaching gastronomic revolution and thought we could be part of the ride. We never thought the change in the food industry in this country would be so encompassing. Just think back to the choice of restaurants or grocery items in the NZ of 1993 and you’ll realise how dramatically we’ve changed in the last 15 years.

      So the timing in introducing our herb and spice blends was excellent even though, looking back, it was hard to be a leader. It takes time and effort to introduce new products and tastes. Because we decided to market our product mostly through craft shows we had the chance to begin an education process directly to the public. Mexican food was just rearing it’s head with Aztec brand foods appearing in the super markets. So our Mexican Blend was an instant hit. But, our Dilly Dilly Dill was not as popular. This is where education came to play. We stood by our Dilly Dill, demonstrated tasty recipes for everyday uses, and today it’s one of our top selling blends.

      In the early days recipes just had to be easy and tasty, but today we have to add healthy and economical as well. That is absolutely no problem for us here at Bittersweet Herb and Spice Blends as we’ve been all things good right from the beginning.

      Quite often at a craft show we have been heard to say, “If you have any questions call us at any socially acceptable hour; if we’re awake, we’re working.” We are a company of two. We do it all...we happily do it all. Since there are so many varied jobs it is never dull. So when you buy or use any of our blends think of us and the personal, special attention each of our products has received to get to your table.


 From all the staff at Bittersweet – the Buyer, Blender, Packer, Creative, Marketing Director, Mailing, Delivery, Kitchen R & D, Hot Air Balloon Pilot, Artist and Accountant we wish you standing ovations when you “Come Cook With Us”!



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