About Mary-Lee

1946_baby_smiling_1_1.jpg     Mary-Lee (ML) is described as "short and sweet"...well, she is short. She started out shorter so she thinks she's quite tall now.

      Favourite things are creating in the kitchen, but when not found in the kitchen she could be in her art studio. Studio is a big word for a corner cut out of the TV room, but it is all hers.  "I love colour", says ML. "It's not enough to see it, I want to ingest it and have it all about me." " I like things that sparkle and catch the light...what fun glitter can be!"

    Here's a sample of an original ML hanging near the front door of her house.  It's supposed to look like the mosaic stonework of ancient Rome. 



Pears_paintingr_1.JPGA newly finished painting! And it's about to go to Craft World for sale. Am so pleased with this one that it will be hard to part with.






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