Blends and Uses

     Our very special line of 11 different herb and spice blends can be used by any kind of cook in any kind of kitchen. Beginning cooks can make something simple, flavourful and full of compliments thereby creating a feeling of confidence in the kitchen. This confidence will grow and prosper so that kitchen time will never be a duty, but be a satisfying and rewarding experience.
      More experienced cooks will enjoy using Bittersweet Herb and Spice Blends as it will seem like a "night off".  That's because great results are achieved with such little effort.  Our philosophy is to take something plain and make it special. You will notice that most of our recipes use few ingredients, have little preparation to the ingredients, but have extraordinary results.

Just a Word About Our Spicy Blends:
     Here at Bittersweet we believe anyone can make killer hot blends, but it takes a gifted blender to make hot/spicy and flavour sing together. Our spice blends all have one thing in common; at first you experience immediate, wonderful flavour and just when you think you’re safe, the sneaky heat kicks in at the back of your throat. You probably say wow and then dive back for more. “This is so more-ish” is a quote from brother Gordon who is also known as “Good Taste Gordon”.

     More good news is that because you are using dried blends you can adjust the amount to suit your taste. If you have people with different tastes and expectations in your house just sprinkle more on “hot shots” steak and remember where he is in the fry pan.



     A note on Hot vs. Not…

     A bit of hot can be very appealing, but anything that is just heat can prevent you from tasting other ingredient's flavours; heat is just an effect, not a flavour. So be kind to yourself and your ingredients. Do not go for burn out as once you burn your tongue it takes 24 hours to taste properly again. Repeated damage does accumulate…