Cajun Cookin' Blend

Cajun Cookin’ Blend

      Bright, Fresh and Spicy. Bittersweet Cajun is excellent salt substitute. Keep in a salt shaker for everyday use and easy coating applications. Sprinkle directly on fish, poultry or meat to suit your own hot taste. Use in crumb mixtures for Coating Anything

Spicy Potato Wedges are oven baked and very low in fat. Our Cajun Blend gives them just the right pep. For the coating try using the Panko breadcrumbs found in Asian markets. Dip the spicy wedges in a cool pool of Bittersweet Dilly Dilly Dill dip made with yoghurt or sour cream (low fat of course!).

      Add life to marinades or sauces. Add a couple teaspoons of our blend to your favourite pasta sauce for a surprising zing.

      Make a Spicy Rub for meats. In order for a rub to really work it must contain salt. A natural property of salt is that it draws out liquids. When your rub contains salt and you leave it on a meat surface the salty rub will draw out the meats juices and then by osmosis will draw the flavour back into the meat. This also means that for a rub to work it must remain on the meat surface for some time. Since none of our blends contain salt so you can add our Paradise New Zealand Solar Harvested Sea Salt from Lake Grassmere, south of Marlborough Sounds, to the Cajun Blend to suit your taste.

      Cajun is the spice to use for Blackened Fish or Chicken which must be done outside as it really smokes! Try our Bittersweet version which maintains great flavour without so much carbon or smoke. Our recipe can be an “inside job”!

      Do you think salted peanuts in the super market look unappealing? Are they too oily, too dry or just under done and insipid looking? You can fix them! “Doctor’ them up with our “Easiest Spiced Peanuts” recipe. They make an excellent nibble or hostie gift as these peanuts are inexpensive, home made, unique, and very more-ish.