Devil's Island Curry Blend

  Devil’s Island Curry Blend (DIC)

     Talk about more-ish… This is a smooth, buttery, medium-spicy blend and definitely not limited to use in Indian dishes. DIC is an excellent, general, everyday seasoning. For example, change Cole Slaw (cabbage salad) from mundane to magical with our Curry Dressing. Or try Courgette/Onion Soup which can be served hot or cold or be used as a base and expanded with different tinned soups and/or leftovers. Vary the amount of blend used to suit your hot (or not) self.

     Boring lunchtime sandwiches??? No more! Bring out DIC Dip (made with cream cheese or sour cream) as your sammie spread with leftover roasts, corned beef, that shaved ham that’s always on special, or just on top of toast then topped with avocado or sliced tomato. Be careful, you might want to start lunch early.

     Don’t forget to add DIC blend to your favourite recipe for devilled eggs, curried sausages, curried potatoes, Rice (use our curry blend to create saffron like rice for pennies not dollars), or any authentic Indian Dishes!