Dilly Dilly Dill Blend

  Dilly Dilly Dill Blend

     Find out what all the fuss is about and join the growing party of Dilly Dilly Dill devotees. The hint of lemon makes this blend a true winner. Salmon will never be the same again. As you take a warm salmon steak off the grill place a knob of Dill Butter with Onion on top. Close your eyes and breathe in the fragrance as it melts over the warm fish. It won’t take much to imagine you are in a four star restaurant. If tinned salmon is easier try Salmon Burgers made with our dill. They make an easy, inexpensive weeknight dinner. Serve the burgers around a bowl of Dilly Dill Dip made with sour cream or yoghurt.

     Having Dill Butter or Dill Butter with Onion on hand in the fridge is like having money in the bank. Use it simply to flavour steamed vegetables or boiled potatoes. Use it instead of plain butter when you begin a white sauce or a cheese sauce. Macaroni and cheese attains grown up status when you start the cheese sauce with Dilly butter. Fry an egg in Dill butter, use it in mashed potatoes or just melt and drizzle over fish fillets and bake or pan fry.

     Looking for different sandwich fillings for those endless lunches? Try chopping hard boiled eggs and mixing them with a bit of mayonnaise and our Bittersweet Dill Blend, salt and pepper to taste. For variety add any one of the following:
1. Drained and mashed tuna
2. Drained and mashed salmon
3. Mashed ripe avocado
4. chopped celery
5. chopped olives
6. chopped semi dried sundried tomatoes

     Our Dilly Dilly Dill Dip made with sour cream and mayonnaise can be thinned with lemon juice or vinegar to the consistency of a salad dressing for a potato, pasta or rice salad. A dash of salt and pepper to taste is advised.



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