Epicurean Mulling Spices

Epicurean Mulling Spices

     What a surprising blend. After over fifteen years of using this blend I realized how many places it goes in my kitchen and how many recipes have been created using the spices, or using spiced juices. Using the spices you can make hot drinks, cold drinks, alcoholic or non alcoholic quaffs. Create drinks for all times of day, for all ages, tastes and seasons. Use the spiced juices for sauces, marinades, poaching liquids, baking and deserts.

     A lucky (and smart) person will have a litre or two of spiced apple juice on hand in the refrigerator ready for any emergency. Unexpected guests can be offered hot mulled juice or wine or that corned beef on special can be put in the slow cooker with the spiced juice for an exceptional night’s dinner (after removing the meat cook the potatoes, onions and cabbage in the remaining juice). Remember juice is an acid as well as a sweet so it can move easily from a drink to a marinade. 

     Make lime jelly with spiced apple juice instead of water next time. What a pretty, refreshing and lovely treat.

     One final tip: if you are using dried fruits for any recipe, plump them first by pouring spiced juice to cover over the fruit and heating it for one minute in the microwave. Let cool and the fruit will “plump” as it drinks up the spiced juice.



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