Heathen Chili Blend

  Heathen Chili Blend (HC)

     Yes, it is the mildest of our spicy blends, but it is full of flavour and style. You can always make it hotter by using more and using more does not make it bitter, just spic-er. One of the greatest one pot dishes known to man is CHILLI, but don’t limit this blend’s use to seasoning chilli. Spicy Rubs, Runny Pastes or adding HC Blend to your favourite marinade with not disappoint any bar b que endeavours. Doing Spicy Potato Wedges? Heathen Chili is a good blend to choose.

     But wait, there’s more…don’t use the additive abundant super market Taco seasoning when making your mince for tacos. Instead add and equal amount of Heathen Chili and oregano (about 2 tablespoons each to 500g mince) to your mince after browning and draining excess fat, and a little water. Simmer to reduce and marry flavours, and voila, you have Taco mince. Not salt, no added sugar, etc, etc. Be kind to your purse and your health.

     Quick, full flavoured meat, chicken or fish for the summer BBQ grill or a winter stove top pan fry can be done with Heathen Chili and the Floppy Chicken recipe…so few ingredients and such great results.

     Man does not live by garlic butter alone. Tonight try our Chili Orange Butter. A knob of this treat on top of a grilled steak or fish fillet as it comes off the grill is all that’s needed. If you want to reduce the butter content yet have the experience then just mince an onion very finely and mash it into the butter. It becomes more paste like and will do the trick with less fat.



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