Italian Herb Blend

 Italian Herb Blend

     Meet THE Italian that is big and bold with just the right balance of red pepper. Make a traditional Italian oil and vinegar dressing to your recipe using our blend or make a Creamy Italian Dressing with sour cream and a bit of mayonnaise. Using low fat ingredients will not change the wonderful results. Don’t forget either of these dressings are acids and therefore good marinades. Especially nice for lamb that’s headed for the BBQ.

     Make an onion, mushroom, tomato based pasta sauce tonight. Maybe add a little chopped bacon or chorizo or leave it meatless, but don’t forget to add Bittersweet Italian Blend, to your taste, of course.

     One Minute Chicken or Fish is aptly named and well suited for the Italian Blend. You can work all day and have this festive meal on the table in thirty minutes. Serve this tomato red based dish on yellow (Curry Rice) rice with a side of a green vegetables and watch it jump off the plate.