Mexican Salsa Plus Blend

 Mexican Salsa Plus Blend

     So what’s the PLUS all about? Plus is an expansive word that indicates the uses for our Bittersweet Mexican Blend are endless.

Proof? ...

1. Tomato - (fresh or tinned) based authentic Mexican Salsa
2. Guacamole – traditional or Bittersweet Style
3. One Minute Chicken (fish or beef) One minute to assemble and 30 minutes until you serve. Wow and Pow.
4. Pasta or Pizza Sauce: Friday nights are home made pizza nights at our house. The most popular type are the ones using tinned crushed tomato plus Bittersweet Mexican Salsa Blend as the sauce. Gosh, Bittersweet Mexican Salsa as a pizza base makes a lively dance for the palate.
5. BBQ Beans: A tin of plain beans enhanced with Mexican Blend can be warmed on the grill or the stove-top. Whatever you do make sure to make sufficient for the demand.
6. Eggs!: A “Spanish” Omelet can be the highlight of your brunch or the perfect little, light something to finish a late evening.  A single tablespoon of our Mexican Blend to four large eggs does an omelet for two people