So Savoury Herb Blend

So Savoury Herb Blend 
     A favourite of all ages as So Savoury is a perfectly balanced blend of herbs to use every day in every way. SS Blend puts its hand up for herbal butter, salad dressings, coating mixtures, egg dishes, potato staples, sauces and all things mince. It’s even seen in the early morning being spread on whole grain toast as a party dip; just like one would put herbal cream cheese on a New York bagel.

     Nut Crumbed Fish is as easy as it is tasty and shows off So Savoury’s ability to compliment fish. Try it with your favourite fish recipe.

     Sometimes our summer salads can get too complicated. Why not make the dressing the star of the show and go easy on the ingredients. Make a salad of just mixed greens and summer tomatoes then dress it with So Savoury Dressing with Roasted Walnuts. Accept all compliments graciously.