New Zealand Natural Sea Salt

New Zealand Natural Sea Salt

 Paradise Natural Sea Salt is harvested from the clear waters of the Southern Ocean at Lake Grasmere, located in the South Island of New Zealand.

     The Salt is obtained from the sea by evaporation. This is a natural process using the sun and the wind. Harvesting is carried out during February of each year and is gathered so as to maintain the balance of Minerals and Trace elements, no heating or processing occurs in the production.
     Natural Sea Salt helps against cell degeneration, liver failure, Kidney problems, and Adrenal exhaustion. Food cannot be fully digested without Salt. Sodium is necessary for the production of Hydrochloric acid in the stomach, and for the absorption of particles in the digestive tract.

     This type of Salt has a close affinity to the three complex solutions that circulate within our body. Blood Plasma, Lymphatic fluid, and extra cellular fluid have been found, by comparative analysis, to be similar, in their chemical composition, to seawater.

     Natural Sea Salt is considered to be a strong alkalinizer and alkaline foods are considered powerful remedies for Haemorrhaging, severe Burns, Physical trauma, acute Infection and Shock from illness or surgical intervention. The body needs extra Potassium in situations such as these.
Proper electrolytic balance, in the body, is achieved by maintaining relatively high potassium content inside the cell and a high sodium concentration in the fluid outside the cell.

     There are 84 buffering elements in Natural Sea Salt. These protect people from the harshness of Sodium Chloride and provide all the necessary minerals our bodies require to perform basic physiological functions.
We need at least 5 grams of Salt per day, the body contains almost 450 Gms of Salt and each day it requires replenishment.

     This Salt does not contain Iodine and should be obtained from other sources such as Fish, Vegetables (from outside New Zealand), Kelp and also Iodine tinctures rubbed onto the skin before bed at night.

Nutritional Facts (per 14 tsp serving size)

Calories - 0 gm
Fat - 0 gm
Sodium - 273 mgm
Potassium - 0 mgm
Total Carbohydrates - 0 mgm
Protein - 0 gm



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