One Step Party Rice

This recipe makes a lovely yellow saffron coloured rice which is great to serve with dull coloured dishes like creamed chicken, or serve it with chicken in a red tomato sauce and see the red and yellow result jump off the plate (especially if you add a green vegetable like broccoli)!

One Step Party Rice       Makes 3 Cups Cooked

**Using our Curry Blend gives a lovely saffron colour – a party feel to everyday rice.
½ tablespoon Bittersweet Curry Blend
1 Cup uncooked white rice
2 Cups water (or per instructions)

      Mix Curry blend, raw rice and water and cook your favourite way.  

     You can substitute any Bittersweet Blend for the Curry Blend in this recipe. 

Variations: **Substitute chicken broth for the water for a richer flavour.
                **Lightly brown the rice in ½ tablespoon of oil and ½ tablespoon of butter prior to cooking for a more "nutty" rice flavour.



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