The Best Exotic Marigold Coating Mixture

The Best Exotic Marigold Coating Mixture    will serve 4
What a wonderful, crunchy coating. Use it on chicken, fish, chops or on top of a fish pie, baked mac and cheese, or ???.  Because it is made of pea flour it is good for special diets. My favourite brand is Vallabh's because it isn't dry and hard. It is available in small convenience stores like the Coronation Superette on Coronation St, Glenfield, or call them in Papatoetoe (09) 277 9310. Worth the extra effort.
bhuja crumb 2
700-800g boneless, skinless chicken cut in equal pieces
150g Bhuja Mix (comes mild or hot)*, minus the peanuts, ground to breadcrumb consistency
1 tablespoon Bittersweet Tandoori Twist Blend
1 egg
     Prepare chicken and pat dry. Grind Bhuja Mix to desired consistency and stir in Tandoori Blend. Beat egg in a shallow dish until lemon coloured. Dip chicken in egg and then coat in Bhuja crumbs. Place on a rack for about 15 minutes to set. This will hold the crumb better, especially if you are pan frying. Bake in 180° oven for about ½ hour or pan fry.