Tarragon Herb Blend

Hello! Let me introduce myself...Bittersweet Tarragon Blend. (I tend to be a bit formal, but I haven't used my titles in some time.) I am a little more refined than Dill, but since we go the same places and are in the same family, you might like to try me for a change.

If herbs were royalty then Tarragon would like to you to think she were queen. As it seems to regally rein over whatever it touches perhaps that's not a bad comparison. For instance, make a Tarragon Herbal butter and use it as the base of your next cheese sauce for your favourite macaroni and cheese recipe. You will understand why Tarragon and any cheese dish is a regal combination. So, too, is Tarragon fit for a king with fish, chicken, potatoes, rice, vegetables, or any egg dishes (even egg salad).

Aim for the top and give Bittersweet Tarragon Herb Blend a go.



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