Zesty Garlic Herb Blend

Zesty Garlic Blend

This is it. This is the one.  If you try any of our Bittersweet Blends you must try Bittersweet Zesty Garlic Blend.  It goes anywhere you'd like the taste of garlic, like lazy garlic, but because it's a fantastic recipe it is so much more. Make Zesty Garlic butter, oil, mayonnaise (aioli), salad dressing, Zesty Garlic salt or pepper or even Zesty Garlic mustard. Do not put this blend away in the pantry. It deserves a spot on every kitchen bench as it goes in everything.

Start with a couple of teaspoons of the Zesty Garlic as it is quite strong and therefore economical. Amazing things will occur. Your troubles will disappear and you will appear younger. Sorry, wrong script...nothing will happen but rave reviews on tonight's dinner. Hey, isn't that enough?



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