All New Zealand Naturally Iodized Sea Salt

NZ $4.00
Saltw     We've taken our fine, solar harvested sea salt from Marlborough Sounds and naturally iodised it with kelp from the Kaikoura region.  A South Island coup!

      New Zealander's need to get their iodine from sources other than vegetables as our soil, that would normally give vegetables iodine, in this country is naturally low in iodine and certain other essential minerals.  Iodised table salt has been the answer for years, but table salt is connected with causing hypertension.  Why use something harmful to prevent illness?  Why not get your iodine from a fully natural source. Natural iodine (from kelp) stays in the body longer than the chemical iodine found in table salt and our natural sea salt hasn't been processed out of recognition like table salt) so hopefully the body can recognise it as salt, use what it needs and dispel the rest.
Our bodies contain almost 450g of salt and each day we need to replenish this to function normally.



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