Plastic Tasting Cups

Better Sample Cups for Your Business

Buy Direct and SAVE!!

     Our range of sample cups are designed to showcase your product. They look appealingly full, but contain only 12ml,  24ml or 36ml of your precious product. This little ditty says it all:
Don't let your bottom line down
By offering large tastings all 'round.
Use our small cups
and fill 'em full up.
A strategy cost wise and sound!
Features and Benefits:
     *  Special easy-to-drink shape
     *  Stable base
     *  Stackable
     *  Sturdy Plastic
     *  Disposable and Recyclable
*  Appealing up market design
     *  Proudly designed and manufactured in New Zealand
* Good for Hot or Cold Fill
     When you buy direct from the manufacturer YOU SAVE.
Save on the cost of the cups and save on the cost of your precious stock.
Make your tastings perceived as a generous offer.
Be seen as a generous, giving person.
Be a hero.

Prices below Exclude GST and Shipping
     *  12ml cups: $19.50 per box of 500
                            $32.00 per box of 1,000
                           $168.00 per box of 6,000 ($28 per 1,000) (excellent for spirits, liqueurs, syrups)
                           ( 12ml cups are: 35h X 33 at top X 19 at base)
     *  24ml cups: $23.50 per box of 500
                            $42.00 per box of 1,000

                           $133.00 per box of 3,500 ($38.00 per 1,000)
                           ( 24ml cups are: 41h X 43 at top X 26 at base)

    *  36ml cups:  $23.50 per box of 440
                            $39.60 per box of 880

                            $102.50 per box of 2,500 ($41.00 per 1,000)
 36ml cups are: 45h X 50 at top X 30 at base)

     To Order please call  Ross: 021 827 383 (after hours 09 480 2977),  or Nick: 022 527 3404  for any further information and orders. 
Our tasting cups are really quite nifty.
They're attractive, practical and thrifty.
So fill 'em right up
To the top of the cup.
Save money, but don't look a cheapy.



Phone: 09 480 2977
Mobile: 021 827 383
Address: ​ South Sea Enterprises
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